How I Got My ESL Blog To Rank On Top-5 Google From Scratch

ESL Blog_EnglishwithPolina

Hey! I’m Polina, English teacher online. Welcome to my ESL blog!

In this post, I’ll share my first-hand experience of getting the blog on top 5 Google from scratch in 6 months. Just a year ago, I had neither knowledge nor experience in SEO or any CMS like WordPress. My biggest budget for all about everything was $132.

🔌In July 2020, I bought a WP plan, registered a domain and the same day indexed my ESL blog in Google, Bing and Yandex.

🚀As recently SEO and digital marketing have caught my interest, I decided to dive deep into basics, techniques and tips through creating written and visual content as well as ranking higher my website in search results. 

Until October, I finished tailoring a WP theme to my needs, added tutoring services, other pages and an ESL blog on the site. Offering services to anyone from any location, I didn’t specify geo, but to begin with, targeted some CIS countries.

In November 2020, I posted my first article, and there were very few visitors on the blog. My next step was to write guidelines on exam preparation. And yes, I manually scanned the top 5 Google competitors’ keywords 🔑 as well as the structure of their sites, did a free audit with the help of Ahrefs tools as many times as I needed to optimize my blog regarding meta tags, descriptions, titles, alt for images, URLs.

I keep reading Ahref blog, looking for link building opportunities. My website is not present on social media, but long before I had a micro-blog on Fb, where I unsuccessfully reposted some ESL materials from my blogger site. As a result, my old blog became a good base for my steps in link🔗building. Thanks, Pop!

Even though I had 1,200 organic subscribers, I decided to “say goodbye” to my Fb micro-blog, exchanging it for one back link to my new site in a targeted group on another social network. And it finally got off the ground. How did I come up with that idea? I think one of the reasons is my interest in what I’m doing.

📈Since February the statistics have revealed slow organic growth on the blog. In July 2021, it turns 12 months old and it’s been already top 5 ranked for more than 20 keywords. Here’s the Google Search performance report on 07 June 2021.

Google Search Console. Performance report 07.06.2021

While drafting this post, I’ve come to realise that my blog is more than just about English exams or SEO metrics. It’s part and parcel of me and what I enjoy doing best – teaching, sharing and hopefully inspiring my readers ❤️❤️❤️.

I meticulously work on every word to make my posts

  • of high value and quality;
  • neat and readable;
  • all-in-all amazing for my readers.

To cut a long story short, I’d like my blog to become a spot where one could find a solution to his or her problem on such issues as:

  • how to organize your time and study materials with an individual prep plan;
  • how to remember the format and requirements of an exam;
  • how to make most of preparation materials and resources;
  • how to educate yourself SEO and blog successfully on what you like best.

Do you write a blog? Does it have a mission? What is it? How do you feel about blogging? Is it hard and time-consuming, or, on the contrary, it’s a particular place where you can get inspired and heard?

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