Where Do I Start To Become A Link Builder?



Over the recent years, there’s been an increasing number of product SaaS startups in a range of niches on the market. All-in-one solutions are getting especially popular among remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs due to the pandemic.

As an example, I’d mention such a product company as andcards that takes care of all the tasks related to the co-working space industry, or, Printful, helping artists transform their ideas into business on integrated e-commerce platforms.

Spreading a word, developing networks and connections is one of the marketing tips for raising brand awareness.

Companies wanting to grow and expand their customer base without investing too much in marketing or sales need to look closer at link building strategies.

In today’s digital world, marketing is more about mentions that gradually impact consumers’ buying decisions, not about selling directly or aggressively.

Mentions are an outcome of link prospecting. If a website or a web page earns a backlink, it signals long and challenging work behind the scenes in terms of content creation and link building.

An outreach manager is a person who covers that entire process: starting from diving deep into a product or service and delivering its value the way that people vote for it by backlinks.

Thus, any niche input easing people’s worries would always come to the top of search engines.

I never stop learning and reading much in the niche. Not long ago, I stumbled upon an interesting article by A.Tachalova about whether it’s worth outsourcing backlinks or not.

Analysing the post, I concluded that if I were a CEO of a product company, I would hire an outreach specialist and trust her or him with my resource’s backlink profile. I’m the one who prefers going through the professional pipeline myself and then being well aware of what to delegate and how to control.

Here is a comparative table I made referring to Alexandra’s article. It helped me shape an informed opinion on the issue.

The thing I appreciate much is about building up contacts. Sometimes, I’d choose a long-play game over gaining quick links through an agency.

Why would I invest in this method of increasing my website’s visibility?

Link building_In-housevsAgency
based on digitalolympus

When I was a teenager, I used to make plush characters from old cartoons. I gave those dolls as gifts to my friends and relatives on their birthdays. Exclusive hand-made toys bring back some warm memories from childhood and tight relationships over boundaries and time.

An outreach specialist is concentrated on one niche and develops target and unique connections within the industry and relevant spheres.

Instead of just asking for backlinks, a professional will be gaining a better understanding of the product and be looking for different approaches to establish contacts and place links.

One of such link building methods should be personalized and associated with something pleasant, like a toy from childhood. An experienced link prospector knows that backlinks sometimes disappear, and it’s much easier to restore them or even gain new ones by addressing someone who has warm memories from getting to know you.

These are the simple reasons I’d prefer an in-house team over a link building agency.

To my mind, hiring an SEO outreach specialist has other assets which could compete on equal terms with agency services.

An in-house team:

• increases organic traffic through quality and editorial links;

• helps to move to higher positions in search engine results;

• makes the company more recognizable on the market;

• helps to expand networking, increasing the circle of professional acquaintances.

Long story short, a link builder is someone responsible for the organic traffic of websites, contributing to their off-page SEO and thus raising product or service awareness.

Here I’m not pretending to be original, so I’ll share some super ultimate guides on how to become an SEO specialist and content strategist.

🚀My first recommendation is this article by Brian Dean.

It explains the fundamentals of SEO and how to:

Master 5 keys of SEO: keywords, content marketing, on-page SEO, technical optimization and link building.

Test and learn through practising SEO.

Implement advanced strategies and stay on the crest of the SEO wave.

🚀Another resource that helped in my SEO and link building journey is these free YouTube tutorials by Ahrefs.

The specialized content on tips for beginners, link building nuances and case studies is the additional advantage of these videos.

⚠️The experts, like Brian and Sam, are unanimously insisting on learning SEO basics first, and then one can gradually niche down and become a T-shaped specialist, for example, in link building.

This is the screenshot from the YouTube video by Ahrefs

This is how Brian Dean sees a T-shaped web marketer.

This is the screenshot from the backlinko website

Niching down is an indispensable ingredient for success in a career because of many factors, and stiff competition is one of them.

Recently, search algorithms recommended me a good example of niching in freelancing. Enjoy this simple and captivating video:

Searching for leads, placing backlinks and analyzing how effectively they work is at the heart of link building.

In a nutshell, to niche down and become a demanded professional, you should work with huge amounts of data, and develop a profound understanding of the following SEO bits and pieces:

  • methods of promoting links;
  • principles of work of search engines;
  • find solutions on how to get backlinks;
  • ranking algorithms;
  • key KPIs and link builder performance metrics;
  • methods and ways of searching for sites, as well as criteria for their assessment;
  • the basics of content marketing;
  • know what outreach is;
  • the basics of web analytics.

Why do I think that link building is one of the most interesting areas in SEO?

This is about communication 💬.

Briefly, in the infographic below, I’d represent the communication process a specialist goes through every minute at work.


That said, communication skills presuppose having a team-based mindset for a link builder to deliver better results in off-page SEO.

Strategic and analytical skills are a must-have prerequisite to effectively plan, implement, and analyze how the strategy works, as well as collect data and generate reports. Link builders are like advocates, they need to have strategic and critical thinking to pitch their offers.

🏂Willingness to experiment and learn quickly. Finding and testing new methods of prospecting backlinks to a company’s website is one of the most important qualities of professionals.

This is my perception of what an outreach marketer should be like in terms of interpersonal and professional skills.

What do you think?

1. Plunge into reading, watch niche videos. There are many free courses on YouTube, for example, Ahrefs SEO course for beginners.

2. Subscribe to target groups on social networks and post some thoughts to get noticed in the community. One day, it will pay off with a kind of feedback, contacts, job, or even partnership.

3. Create your own resource. It stands for every how-to’s you’ve read about, you should put into practice :

  • niching down;
  • keyword brainstorming;
  • creating solve-a-problem content;
  • optimizing and distributing your materials;
  • fixing technical issues;
  • handling automated SEO tools;
  • link building;

trying, testing, failing, standing up and keeping moving forward an endless number of times.

4. Find a job or a traineeship at an agency or a company. This will allow you to gain experience in the chosen field.

Eventually, why not create a blog or group on a social network to share your SEO and link building expertise. This will help you find like-minded people and collect even more information in the field of link building.

Wrapping up

Well, this post isn’t comprehensive at all. I didn’t even aim to make it this way.

I want to point out that by developing target connections, a link builder contributes to shaping the audience’s interest in the company’s products or services worldwide.

The workflow might seem time-consuming and challenging, but it’s worth it.

The more content will be generated in the future, the more link builder’s skills will become sophisticated and be in demand to transform content into conversions.

What do you think of this role in a company?

Would you like to become a link builder one day? Why?

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